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Dr. Griffin’s Lectures

Passion. Honesty. Relevance. Fun.

A blend of clinical excellence and efficiency with the most current dentistry shared in a most entertaining style.

Dr Griffin is a full-time practitioner and has owned multiple practices in the St Louis area for over 25 years. His first passion is to provide excellent dentistry with a cosmetic emphasis in a very comfortable manor. Jack is a humble teacher and considers it a great honor to have been asked to teach thousands of dentists how to make practice more successful and rewarding while having fun.

He has earned Diplomate status with the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry (ABAD), Accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AAACD), Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), and Fellow International Academy for Dento-Facial Esthetics. He has had the honor of being published many times, contributed to product review and development, is a member of the highly respected Catapult Group of instructors, and is a clinical director for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum.

Dr Griffin has been chosen one of the “Leaders in CE” for many years, has been chosen as a “Top Dentist” in St Louis, and one of “America’s Most Honored Professionals” many times.

Jack is a humble teacher and considers it a great honor to have been asked to teach thousands of dentists how to make practice more successful and rewarding while having fun. Some of his lecture topics include regenerative materials, comprehensive aesthetics, cementation and adhesion, digital CAD/CAM dentistry, digital photography, and passion for practice. Jack knows has been blessed to be surrounded by those who make the dental experience both rewarding and enjoyable and is thankful to those who have invested time to laugh and learn with him.

Dr. Griffin feels very fortunate to have earned over 98% “excellent” for all lectures since 2008. Please see testimonials and course descriptions below.
  • Fantastic lecture. [You] have the best blend of relevant clinical knowledge and humor that I’ve heard in 25 years. I look forward to seeing you again.
  • This is the first lecture in many years where I didn’t want to leave early. Your energy and passion are contagious……What a great amount of useful new information, you’ve help restore my passion for dentistry……and, I think for the first time at a lecture, I didn’t fall asleep.
  • Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, you blew me away with your simple approach to cosmetics….you are WAY TOO HUMBLE. I’ll see you again.
  • I take over 100 hours of CE a year and would put your lecture above any of them. I’ve heard them all over the year. Amazingly interesting, fun, and relative information. Your motivational section should be heard by all dentists, especially the young ones. We have to keep life in perspective and what you said was awesome. I really needed to hear what you said…thank you for being so ‘real’ with your enthusiasm.
  • I have to share something with you, I’ve been really down. Stuff hasn’t gone my way. I wasn’t going to come to this course but something convinced me. Thank you for talking to me at break and giving me some encouragement, I will be better with patients and my family after talking to you…
  • One minute you are doing the most amazing every day dentistry, the next minute you are showing hilarious videos, then you showed incredible cosmetics, then you made me almost choke up when you talked about how important we all are. Wow.
  • You are a gifted speaker. Great sense of humor. Great lecture! Your knowledge on current on materials is the best!
  • Outstanding lecture. Tremendous porcelain work and I appreciate your honesty; we need more of that!
  • Where does all of your energy come from? Loved the course Jack and I think gave the best lecture we have ever had here! Can’t wait to turn you lose on Europe.
  • Great mix of very relevant information and clinical efficiency. I wish you would have had more time.
  • Very funny…very smart…great photos. Awesome job Jack!
  • You are the best! I think I’m a groupie. Do you sell t-shirts?
  • Appreciate the humor! Great use of my time being here to listen to you teach us. Great photos of the family. Keep it up Jack!
  • What a surprise. I had never heard you speak and didn’t know what to expect and I debated what course to go to. I made a great choice and I think you may have the best lecture material I have ever seen. Each slide made me wonder what you were going to show next. Very funny stuff…. You’re mixture of science and clinical cases is extremely impressive.
  • Jack is an enthusiastic, entertaining, and intelligent teacher who really enjoys what he is doing. It is a bonus and honorable that he donates [much] of the money he receives from teaching to a charity for those fighting addiction.
  • [This was an] Amazing presentation. There cannot be anyone more knowledgeable on digital photography, clinical evaluation, and case presentation than [Jack]. You are a rising star in dental education.
  • Dr. Griffin is to be commended for providing a terrific educational experience that is second to none. [Jack is] very honest and gives practical advice that he uses every day in practice…it is refreshing to have someone teach that uses his own advice on many patients in a very busy practice. [His] approach is refreshing.
  • Your well-rounded skills in practice management and esthetic dentistry are top notch. This was probably the best presentation our study group has ever had!
  • I would put your everyday dental skills ahead of anyone I’ve ever seen. And you love dogs, that’s the cherry on the top. Incredible


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